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Requirements and limitations

FUZZEKS 1.0 Demo is for demonstrational purposes only.
For legal information read the notice that appears on program start.


In order to run FUZZEKS you need at least

Demo limitations

Main technical limitations

Memory and time consumption in detail

The memory requirements depend on the size of your input data files. If the file contains one parameter with n data points, you need about n * (n+2) * 8 bytes of continuous free RAM memory.
As example: One parameter with 100 data points and another one with 200 data points need altogether 81600+323200 bytes (404800 bytes or 396 KB).

The memory may be virtual, but if one single parameter uses more memory than you really have, the calculation times would increase so immense (because of swapping delays) that this swapping mechanism of Windows is of no value.

Another property can also be considered a limitation: The calculation time increases very fast when n increases. The calculation time is about some constant time multiplied by
n * n * n.
As example: For n=100 you have to wait about 20 seconds for the results (33MHz-486, experimental variogram and kriging without variance calculated). For n=50, the half amount of data points, only about the eigth part of that time is needed. But for n=1300 you have to wait about half a day.