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Open/activate kriging windows from management window

Every item of the management window contains a kriging-icon () at the bottom right corner.
If you click on this icon you will open the corresponding kriging window or activate it if it already exists.

The kriging window can be used to display the spatial distribution of the parameter connected to this item.

The contents of the frame indicates the state of the kriging window:

Indicates that the kriging window has never been open before.

Indicates that the kriging window has been open before, but is not open at this point of time.
The right version additionally means that a kriging result is present, so if it is opened again, no calculation will be needed.

Indicates that the kriging window is open.
The right version means that the kriging result is present and being displayed.

The kriging windows can be closed by double-clicking in their upper left corner (the window menu icon) or by pressing "C" in the managemant window when the mouse is on the belonging kriging-icon.

When the kriging window is closed, pressing capital "R" on the kriging-icon removes the complete kriging results that belong to the kriging-icon (in order to save the associated memory, either RAM and files (if a project path is defined)).