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Management window description

Click at the part of the window you would like an explanation for
(selectable are Sizes menu, And!/Or!/Sum!, Connect!, Delete!, Kriging icons: , Input parameter column (first column), Membership function column (second column), Comment for composition operators (top right), Drag area for composition operators (middle), Inputweights for sum composition operators (left), 2-dimensional scroll region and The free area for placing compositions).

How to read the contents of this window

All rectangular items stand for a (possibly empty) set of regionalized variables (parameters).
The kriging icon in the bottom right corner is used to display their spatial distribution.
In the first column the input parameters are shown.
The second column contains the membership function for the parameter in the same line. The membership function assigns any input parameter value a value in the range [0,1].
These values can be composed by the composition items on the right of the two columns. Lines that connect items to the left side of the composition items indicate the input values for this composition.


The cursor changes its look as described in "Various cursor shapes indicate possible actions" when the mouse-arrow is being moved over the various items of the management window.

You can find some introductory words in the Overview for the management window.