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Multitasking and how to start calculations

Since FUZZEKS is a cooperative multitasking program, you can work with other programs while FUZZEKS does the calculations. FUZZEKS, however, needs more memory for every new result (how much depends on the type of calculation that is running and the size of input data). Thus, the additional applications must not use too much memory, or FUZZEKS will be unable to proceed.

FUZZEKS calculations do not only run in the background of other applications, but in the background of its own user-interface as well. As a consequence you may work with all the windows all the time. Any result is displayed automatically when the corresponding part of the calculations has been completed.

There is no dedicated command (menu, key or control button) to start calculations by hand. You are not required to enter anything; FUZZEKS' calculations are started by any input modification and run permanently until completion or until another input restarts them.
If you simply change an item, FUZZEKS finds out what actions must take place and in which order they should take place.

Warning: There is one exception for the rules stated above: By opening dialog windows (such as Select Project Path) the calculations are stopped. They are restarted or continued automatically as soon as you leave the dialog window (usually by pressing the OK-button or the Cancel-button).

FUZZEKS displays what action takes place at any moment in the background. See " The titlebar of the background window".