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1D spatial viewing (cuts, sections)

Using the orange arrow you can specify the location of the cut: It is drawn in the 2-dimensional display by either the mouse (move to the starting point, press the left mouse button, move to the ending point and finally release the mouse button; the coordinates where the mouse is are displayed in the kriging window) or the "Arrow" menu (also in conjunction with the mouse).
The "Arrow" menu also allows to use the exact locations of the input data points in a simple way (use Ctrl-S/Ctrl-E).

Once the arrow for the desired cut (section) is drawn, the appropriate menuitem of the "Arrow" menu

or the key "C"/"N" can be selected in order to calculate the cut and display it in an existing cut-window (if a cut window already exists) or in a new cut-window (forced by "N").

As example this orange arrow

would lead to this cut-window:

On the x-axis is the spatial coordinate in the direction of the arrow; on the y-axis is the value-scale (for the by fuzzy kriging interpolated value).
The actual display depends upon the cuts-section in the input-file: The black curve in the center of the curves is the most possible value (the value with membership 1.0), the outermost curves are these for membership 0.0 and the curves between for the rest of the level-cuts selected by the cuts-section of the input data file. (A fuzzy value can be seen at each column of pixels.)

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