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0D spatial viewing (view at point)

In order to show the result value at a point, select the point in the 2-dimensional display of the kriging window. This can be done by selecting the desired point with a mouse click. The point is then marked with an orange cross. Instead of the mouse button it is possible to press "S" and then "E" (or "Ctrl-S" and then "Ctrl-E" in order to get the exact location of an input data point).

Once the cross for the desired point is set, the appropriate menu item of the "Arrow" menu

or the key "C"/"N" can be selected in order to calculate the kriged value for this point and display it in an existing point-window (if a point-window already exists) or in a new point-window (forced by "N").

As example this orange cross

would lead to this point-window:

Here you can see the result represented by the fuzzy number at the given point (the coordinates are shown in the title bar). The fuzzy value in this example can be interpreted as follows: The most possible value is 0.8465, but values everywhere in the range from 0.7412 to 0.8975 are possible. The degree of the possibility decreases from the most possible value to the sides as shown by the displayed membership function. Have a look at Fuzzy Kriging Basics for more information on how to read such a fuzzy number.

Remark: The complete membership function is not calculated. That means the result values have been calculated only for the level-cuts that have been specified in the cuts-section of the input data file. The displayed result values between these level-cuts are linear interpolated, but they can occur anywhere in the grey boxes.
If you want to obtain a higher precision, you must specify in the cuts-section more levels of cuts between 1.0 and 0.0.

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