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Handling Kriging Result / Overview

Kriging is a method that interpolates values for all points in a 2-dimensional space. Each of these values, in the case of FUZZEKS, can be fuzzy as well.

The result at a point is a fuzzy number (as described in the kriging basics) that can be represented by a membership function, e.g.:

We need two dimensions in order to present this information. One more dimension could be used in order to show the kriging variance for this point.

The complete result of fuzzy kriging provides such a fuzzy number for each point (a mesh of points) in 2-dimensional space. So four dimensions (or even five dimensions if the variance should be shown additionally) are needed to present the result in full detail.

Because the computer screen (or paper) has only two dimenions, the difficulties in displaying this result are obvious and additional ways to present the result must be found.

In order to control the display of the result various topics must be taken into account: