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Kriging Calculation Options

Selecting the kriging window's menu item "Options"/"Kriging calculation" allows to manipulate the granularity of the result:

Kriging is performed for a mesh of points with the given number of nodes.
Regarding isolines the actual display of the result between these points is done by a simple interpolation method. Therefore when less points are chosen for this mesh, isolines get a little bit angular because they consist of straight lines (when the mesh gets coarser the isolines are drawn with a smaller number of straight lines).
Of course the result is less exact when the resolution is smaller.
On the other hand calculation times can be reduced by using a mesh with less points.

If the mesh for the 2-dimensional result is changed, the result will automatically be recalculated. This does not hold for the cuts; their recalculation must be started by hand.

The kriging windows' options menu contains another kriging calculation option: A switch that decides if the kriging variance is calculated or not.

Note that there are technical limits for the resolution settings and that calculation times are drastically influenced by the resolution settings.
See "Requirements and limitations" for more information.

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