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The Coordinate System

The Coordinate system is fixed in the input data file

The input data file contains a section called "region", which fixes the extent of the 2-dimensional area for which results will be calculated.
This area is rectangular, but can also be clipped to have another form for the display of the kriging results.
An example would be (part of an input data file):
     0    0
  1800    0
     0 1800

The threee lines contain coordinates:

This makes possible to use a rectangle that is not aligned to the coordinate-system of a map, but can also be turned by some angle.
Optionally the definition of an area may follow. This is a list of coordinates which define a polygon in order to clip the region outside this polygon when displaying kriging results. This list follows immediately after the first three coordinates.

The clipping of the result in the kriging window

The display in the kriging window does not need to show the whole area for which the calculations have been done.
It is possible to magnify a part of the 2-dimensional result with the two-dimensional scroll region (and the related buttons).

An example in which these options are needed would be an investigation area with small y-extent and large x-extent. If all of this area can be seen, then details can not be seen properly. Of course, if a magnified display is used, only part of the area can be seen, but this in great detail.

Further result-display-related topics: